Meet Rasheeda

“My story with dance seems to be one that has had an unlikely path. For a girl that received her formal dance training through a parks and recreation program, obtained an accounting degree and became a CPA, found purpose through the challenges of life, and is now leading a vision to give God glory through all of the arts . . . the one thing that I can say with assurance about my journey is that it is one of destiny. This is the path that I was always supposed to be on. It’s the path that God created just for me. I’m humbled daily and forever grateful for all the moments that God had me in “the right place, at the right time”. I look forward to this next season, just to see what God will do.”

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Meet Kara

“Choreography is magical because in each moment a dance is revealing itself to you.

I am a deep thinker and choreography allows me to reveal my intrinsic thoughts and feelings through abstract expression.  My work is not obvious in its content. You may not know exactly what the subject matter is but I like it that way. It challenges you to think beyond the obvious.  You have to dig deeper and develop your own understanding. You relate to it in your own way based on your own life experiences.”

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