Special Edition- IMPETUS - RADAR Dance Company

As dancers, the impulse to be in motion is strong. Whipping up shapes, slicing through space, stirring the air around us, we know that the capacity for movement is endless.


March 24 - 3pm & 7pm

March 25 - 3pm


RADAR is a modern dance company located in Richmond, Virginia. The company has been dancing together since 2006, when they were known as Z Mullins Dance Company. In the summer of 2011, they came under new direction and decided to continue creating and performing work collaboratively as RADAR. The company now operates under the artistic direction of Laura Gorsuch and Kara Priddy. RADAR is comprised of professional dancers and educators who have been able to transfer their love and appreciation of dance and movement into fulfilling and successful careers. Company members work all over the city in dance studios, private schools, community colleges, universities, physical therapy centers and numerous community art programs.

RADAR's mission is to explore shared human experiences through a creative and collaborative artistic approach. RADAR seeks to provide inventive, thought-provoking performances utilizing original concepts and designs that challenge artists and audiences alike. In addition, through educational programs and intensives, RADAR aims to provide quality training to young dancers, fostering their technical growth as well as aiding in the development of their artistic voices as choreographers. Finally, RADAR strives to bring its passion for dance to the Richmond community, expanding the breadth and depth of artistic understanding and appreciation amongst the general public.

This weekend RADAR presents its sixth annual spring concert, Impetus, at Dogtown Dance Theatre. Below is a description of the concert, as well as information about show times and tickets. RADAR is excited to share this new work with the Richmond dance community and hopes to see you there!

As dancers, the impulse to be in motion is strong. Whipping up shapes, slicing through space, stirring the air around us, we know that the capacity for movement is endless. After all, our entire planet is in constant motion, rotating around its axis in a perpetual dance with itself. Our natural world provides a multitude of examples: starlings shifting effortlessly from one formation to the next, wind sweeping sinuously through a field of long grass, waves rolling over one another, racing to the shore. Our man-made world is no exception: fireworks exploding in a burst of energy, a pendulum clock swinging from side to side, city streets creating intricate pathways and patterns. The diverse motion of the world around us, combined with our innate desire to move, offers a constant source of inspiration. Exploring realms outside of movement itself increases the breadth and depth of that inspiration. A painting, a piece of music, a sculpture or a photograph can all elicit an impulse. In its sixth annual concert, Impetus, RADAR uses distinct pieces of visual art as catalysts for movement, and vice versa. In thought-provoking work by local sculptors, Impressionist painters and street artists, RADAR finds the force that sets a body in motion.

Impetus presents new work by company members Pam Gamlin, Laura Gorsuch, Elliott Hartz and Katherine Saffelle, as well as guest artists Carli Mareneck and Kendall Neely, and features artwork by local artists Lauren Cifranic and Jere Williams. Tickets are $15 for adults and $10 for students and may be purchased online or at the door with cash, check or credit card.