Dancers of RVA

Dancers of RVA is a collaborative project brought to you by Katrina Boone of Gianna Grace Photography and Shannon McConville of STAVNA Ballet. The goal of this artistic heart project is to capture the passion of a dancers soul through pictures. Through our blog we will tell the stories of the amazingly talented dancers in RVA, while showcasing the beautiful landscape and rich history of our city and surrounding areas with the dancers in their element. We are excited to share the talent and souls of our local dancers in RVA! Thank you for joining us!

Artistically Yours,

Katrina Boone Owner & Photographer, Gianna Grace Photography &  Shannon McConville Owner & Creative Director, Stavna Ballet

If you are interested in being a featured dancers and collaborating with us, please fill out the form below! If you are chosen to be featured, we will schedule a mini shoot at a location in the Richmond area that is close to you heart and showcases your personality and passion for dance. All dancers who are photographed are responsible for writing a 500-800 word blog about their dance journey. 

All dancers are required to sign a model release form and understand that all photographs taken are property of Katrina Boone and all copyright privileges solely belong to her. 

APPLY to be a featured dancer

If you are interested in be a featured dancer, please fill out the contact form and the month you are interested in collaborating with us. . If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us at . 

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